Storage Ideas for Apartments

If you are just moving into your apartment or have been struggling to downsize for a while, creating storage space can make a huge difference. It can be difficult to make your apartment look organised despite your best efforts. The key is to be smart about your storage solutions. There are many ways to change things without spending a lot of time of money. Here are some ideas that are perfect for a compact home.

1. Add Shelves to Existing Furniture

You may find that instead of adding more furniture to your apartment, you can increase the level of shelving within existing pieces. There’s often much more headroom available than what you need for the items you have stored. You can simply use dividers and additional shelving within the unit. This ensures that you fill up all possible “dead space”. There are also many types of wire or wooden organisers that you can place on the cabinet back of doors to store smaller items such as bin bags, cleaning products or even shoes.

2. Double Duty Furniture Storage

If you are living in a smaller dwelling, you should consider having furniture that doubles up as storage space. This allows for you to have an organised space with great hidden storage. For example, a bench in the living area that has inner space allows for great storing of books. An ottoman in the bedroom is great place to keep extra blankets and bedding. A coffee table with an under-shelf is also a great place to keep your favourite magazines and the TV guide. 

3. Hang Up

Wall space is often overlooked when optimising storage space. If you’re not looking to have any more

shelving, try hooks and pegs. Hanging pots and pans is a smart way to tidy up those kitchen cupboards. An under-unit set of hooks is a great place to store utensils and gadgets. A set of hooks in the bedroom is a
great place to hang bags, hats, or even jewellery.

4. Household Shelving

It may seem as though you have no more space for wall shelving but there are many simple changes you can make to allow for this. For example, if you have a large headboard, you can remove it and add some shelving to keep books or magazines. If you don’t have any room for a bedside table, you can have a small shelf at bed height to keep a drink or an alarm clock on. You can add shelving higher up to allow for more space to store old books or photo albums that you may only wish to look at now and again.

5. Stacking

Clear plastic storage bins are great for as you can easily see what’s inside them and you can stack them to allow for large amounts of storage. They are also very durable and inexpensive while keeping the contents clean and dry. They are also great for fridge and dry store spaces. They keep food fresh and you can stack them for extra room.

It’s important to make the most of your home and to be proud of it. If you are tripping over yourself constantly due to clutter, it’s time to think about downsizing and working on you storage set up. For some help and advice on how to downsize, have a look at our previous post. You’ll have a beautiful, spacious home in no time!


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