The 5 Benefits of Living in an Independent Retirement Lodge

Are you planning your retirement living or that of a friend/relative? Discover the 5 benefits of living in one of the UKs popular independent retirement lodges.

With lodge developments in the UK becoming more popular for independent senior living in the UK, we’re going to look at the benefits of the developments and how they can have a positive impact on your general health and well-being. Research shows that lodges are a great choice to promote independence and a better overall quality of life for older people.  

A positive choice for Retirement Living

 Evidence at current lodges, like Churchill Retirement Living shows that older people see this living style as a positive choice. The main attraction is the independence and security of the living space. There is also security for friends and family in knowing their loved one has all the support needed for independent living.

Improve quality of life

A retirement lodge offers great opportunities for social engagement and active living. Most lodges will promote a range of activities suited to seniors of all abilities. Keeping active and social is key to a fulfilled retirement and will keep your mind-set positive to live an overall well balanced healthy lifestyle. The leisure and social activities available in a retirement development is exceptional, and this isn’t just on site. There’s also the opportunity to enjoy the local community both individually or with other residents. The lodges are also well maintained with gardens and luxury facilities to provide the perfect retreat for retirement living.    

Better Health and Well-being

The developments play an important role in promoting a seniors general health and well-being. The purpose built complexes can provide flexible on-site care for residence if their care needs change, still allowing for an independent living environment, but with the trust of safe, personal assistance if needed. You will also find that staying active and socializing will improve your general health.

Being part of a community

It’s always important to be part of a community, especially in retirement, as loneliness and depression can take effect. The senior community allows you to chat and share stories with like-minded people, who know exactly what you’re going through. There is no sense of isolation or not feeling secure at a retirement lodge. The community is built around you and your needs, with lodge managers and friends on hand to guide you through activities and offer the care and support you need.

A Great Place for Family and Friends to Visit

One of the best treats an older person can have is the support of their friends and families, especially when they come to visit. The luxuries of a retirement apartment and the facilities make the perfect location for visitors. You can enjoy the gardens in the summer or a nice cup of tea in your own apartment. With space for children to play and a pleasant environment to relax, family and friends will enjoy visiting.

Although the outlook of retirement living might be a little daunting at first, when you see the benefits, you can see they are actually vital to your general well-being and something you should fully embrace. So with independent living accommodation and the comfort of your own home in the security of a retirement lodge, we’re sure you’ll find the lifestyle you want!  

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