The Benefits of Adult Learning in Retirement

Continuing education can help keep your mind active; something that is very important in later years. The full benefits of adult learning in retirement are extensive. Here are the reasons why the level of seniors in education is rising and why retirement is the perfect time to get back in the classroom.

1. Wide Selection

Now that you are not under pressure to complete certain classes to fulfil school/college requirements, you’d be surprised at the wide selection available to you. You may have an interest that you would like to pursue. Perhaps you would like to continue with a language you used to learn or try out something completely different. With people taking part in everything from massage to biscuit decorating, traditional classes are a thing of the past!

2. More Time

Retirement is a great time to relax but also to try new things. What better way to spend your time than to learn a new skill or improve your general knowledge? Now that you have more time to yourself, you have the opportunity to explore classes without the pressure of exams. You don’t have deadlines and cut off points and the way in which you learn is up to you. This is your time to take things at your own pace and set your own goals.

3. Keeps the Mind Sharp

Maintaining a healthy mind is something that is often under emphasised when it comes to looking after yourself. Continuing your learning will keep you young, no matter what age you are! No one likes to feel as though they are falling behind. Do you feel as though technology is overwhelming you? Perhaps you’d like to keep up with the grandkids and help them with their homework. These are things you can combat when you are considering your educational needs.

4. Satisfaction

When you learn a new skill, you will feel that satisfaction that you are improving your mind. You’ll find a renewed sense of purpose when you set yourself goals for your education. The more you know about the world, the more you can connect with it and the better you can experience it. Whether you’re travelling, visiting a museum or reading a book, you will have a deeper and more satisfactory understanding and appreciation of the world around you.

5. Improve Skills in a Current Hobby

If you are taking part in a hobby, it may help to get some formal classes. Whether its cookery or playing an instrument; aiming to continuously improve and build on the skills you have can keep you interested and proactive. It also allows you the opportunity to meet people with the same interest and make new friends.

Being an adult learner is something to be proud of and brings a huge amount of satisfaction to your later life. Learning keeps you healthy just as much as exercise does. If you’re not sure that there is anything out there for you, have a look at the Citizens Advice website for advice on how to get started.

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