The Best of Britain: Day Trips to Chester

The top place to Visit if you’re planning a day trip to Chester

It’s still the start of the year, and you’re looking for inspiration for holidays and day trips? Have you considered the historical, roman town of Chester? It’s time to explore the roman walls, the beautiful river, the two level shopping rows, Chester Cathedral and more. As we guide you through this fabulous city of Chester – maybe with a group or with the family, there’s plenty to see and do for everyone.

The Best places to Visit in Chester

Day trips to Chester are always guaranteed to be a good day out, with lots to see and do. Below is a guide to help you on your way to exploring this wondrous town.

Explore the Roman of Chester Walls - The city walls are one of the main attractions of Chester that many love to explore. You can walk all the way around them and see the landmarks of the beautiful city and the stunning views of the Cheshire countryside. The whole length of the walls is around 2 miles, but there is access to points along the way, so you can join at different points of the city. We recommend the Eastgate clock as a popular spot. The first walls were built in 70AD, and have developed to an 18th century version, that’s been slightly adapted for tourists.

Catch a Play at the Roman Amphitheatre - Chester’s Amphitheatre, is the largest in Britain, and is full of fascinating Roman remains to beautifully capture the entertainment style of the era. The site has been restored for tourists and is open all year round. You can even watch plays at the site that mainly run in the summer, as well as a unique open air cinema. You could even explore the Roman Gardens, just around the corner.

Spoil in the Culture and Worship at Chester Cathedral - Chester’s stunning Cathedral, has plenty to offer, a place of worship, an insight into history, an ancient abbey and a hub for culture. The Cathedral is also a place of musical excellence, with its superb choir, that you might just hear on your visit. Entry is free, allowing you to explore the Cathedral skills of craftsmanship, where history has happened. 

Take a trip to the Zoo - Take a trip to the popular Chester Zoo, and discover over 11.000 wonderful animals, including the new baby tigers, as well as 400 other species. Some of the species at the zoo are among the most endangered in the world. The butterfly house is our favourite at Churchill Retirement Lodges and we also love the 110 acres of award winning gardens. Take your family, it’s a great day out!

Days out in Chester will never disappoint, whether you decide to walk around the City Walls, take in a bit of history, visit the zoo or even enjoy the two rows of shopping, you’ll love Chester!

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