The Eight Most Popular Hobbies for Retirees

Maintaining an active lifestyle in your retirement should always be a top priority. Even if some of these hobbies for retirees we’ve listed below, don’t appeal at first glance, it’s worth trying a few – you may find you’re an expert cook, or a new found love to travel. As you read through our list, remember – retirement is the best time to enjoy those tasks that were once tedious.

1. Travel

Travel is one of the most popular hobbies many seniors choose to explore in their retirement. With no children growing up or work commitments, retirement is the perfect time to start traveling and visit the places and landmarks you’ve always wanted to see – whether that’s in the UK or abroad. Remember the world is you oyster! So start planning your next trip.

2. Clubs/Associations

The best way to stay active and social is by joining a local club or association. You will get the social interaction you need, as well as the entertainment that comes with it. Clubs for seniors vary from weekly lunch clubs, a bowls club, crafts clubs, or even a local community club. Whatever you join make sure it’s one you will love and will have great pleasure to be part of it.

3. Volunteer

If you’ve always loved working and found it hard to stop, you might enjoy volunteering once a week. Not only is volunteering extremely rewarding. It’s also a good way to keep busy. You could volunteer at your local library, local school, in a company that offers the service or even for a charity. A lot of seniors choose to volunteer by running a charity shop – it’s rewarding and a great way to give something back to your community or to a certain cause.

4. Exercise 

Retirement is the perfect time to continue your regular exercise, or start a fresh and get in shape. Exercise is the key to a healthy retirement that will keep you fit so you can enjoy your favourite hobbies. You could start walking more, enjoy an afternoon swim, take up an exercise class like yoga or tai chi or even go to a dance group. You will definitely feel the benefits of exercise in your retirement days, so start planning.

5. Arts & Crafts

If you enjoy arts and crafts, why not continue, or take it up in your retirement. Try new things and get creative, you might find a new talent. This is also an activity you can do alone or as a group. Our top recommended craft hobbies are as follow: cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, painting, sewing, pottery, jewellery making and quilting. Find the hobby that’s right for you and enjoy it.

6. Family Time

One of the greatest things about retirement, is the time you get to enjoy with your family. Whether you visit your grandchildren or they come to stay with you, you can relish and relax away from the rat race of the busy working life you use to live. You could even start writing letters and sending pictures of your activities to family that live far away, so they can enjoy your retirement with you.

7. Cooking

Cooking and baking can be lots of fun if you have time to enjoy and plan your next dish. You have more time to research, read cookery books, magazines, watch cookery shows or even browse the web for new recipe ideas. You can also enjoy the cakes and meals you make with friends and family. Cooking is a great way to express yourself and explore a world of new foods.  

8. Explore the great outdoors

Maybe you love nature and wildlife and want to start exploring it more, well now’s the time you can. Have you always had an interest in birds, flowers, animals or even gardening? Retirement is the perfect time to mature these interests and discover the fabulous great outdoors. The outdoor life will also benefit your general well-being, and can be combined with travel you have planned.   

Your retirement should be spent doing the things you love most, and if it’s one of these eight hobbies or activities, then get planning and decide which one suits you. It’s time to start enriching your retirement


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