Tips for Decorating your Retirement Apartment

Your retirement living space at Churchill is your home and we provide the freedom for you to decorate and furnish it as you please. Moving is never easy and can be especially difficult when you have lived in your current home for most of your adult life. However, the time comes when you decide to downsize and relieve yourself from managing a large house. The way in which you decorate your apartment can help you to have your new start while still feeling at home. We have a couple of tips for you to decorate your retirement apartment.

1. Choose What’s Truly Important to Keep

As you move homes its difficult to sort what you should keep from what you’ve been holding on to for too long. Almost everything you own can have sentimental value. It’s important not to hold on to everything, just choose a select few of your favourite items. Keep your favourite comfy chair or a special set of china. Cherish your framed family photos and a couple of ornaments. This will make you feel comfortable in your new home without cluttering it. Consider options such as passing on some items to your children or grandchildren. You can also make a bit of money selling any unwanted things to spend on making new memories.

2. Buy Smart

Your new apartment may be more compact than your previous home and you might need to go shopping for some items to accommodate this. Ensure you take a measuring tape to your new home and work out with friends and family how best to create your ideal living space. Consider storage when you buy and try to get furniture that incorporates this such as an ottoman or a trunk.

3. Personal Touches

While you will have some of your items from your last household, use the move as an opportunity to put your personal touch on some new items. This needn’t be expensive at all. Consider some new cushions and throws or perhaps a new bed set. Sometimes the simple things can really make a difference. Perhaps you have some fresh ideas that you wanted to try out before but didn’t have the time. Or perhaps you were too afraid to make a big change. Making your apartment the way you like can be an exciting project and you may even take up interior design as a retirement hobby!

4. Decorate the Space and Layout

Make sure you consider walkways and keep enough space to be able to get around your home easily. Climbing over things is not easy in your later years and can be very dangerous. If something you have kept from your previous home is too large, consider asking friends or family to take care of it. That way you’ll know that it is being appreciated and looked after.

Decorating your new home is a big project which you may feel ready to tackle. If, however, you feel overwhelmed by the prospect, we have a dedicated interior designer which our sales team would be happy to recommend. For more information on specific developments, visit our apartments for sale page and get in contact with us.

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