Tips to Healthy and Positive Retirement living in 2015

Keeping active and staying healthy is one of the greatest rewards for positive retirement living in 2015. It’s important to enjoy life to the fullest, even when there’s obstacles put in your way, but if you focus on the positives in life like family and friends, you can begin to set goals for the future.

Enjoy Time with Loved Ones

Whether it’s with family or friends, spending time with your loved ones has a positive effect on your mind-set. Laughing, catching up, sharing stories or partaking in activities together can be the key to happiness and avoiding that loneliness you might feel in retirement. Building your social network is important to maintaining a positive retirement and keeping active by mixing with a-like people that enjoy the same hobbies and interests as you is curtail to a fulfilled senior living lifestyle.   

Keep Healthy

Eating well is important to maintaining your health and keeping that cholesterol down. It also plays a key role to handling stressful times that might occur in your life, like the anxiety of retirement. Read our tips below to help you achieve a healthy eating lifestyle:

  • Avoid pre-packaged food and eat freshly cooked meals to maintain a balanced diet, this will help you keep healthy and save money.
  • Cooking and learning about ingredients may also be an activity you enjoy, which you can do on a daily basis to keep you healthy.
  • You can access healthy eating guides and recipes on the internet or in books at your local library.
  • Shop carefully for the right foods at the right price, you can either visit the shops or shop online.
  • If you eat out with friends and family, choose the healthy option on the menu.   

Stay Active

Staying active brings positive health benefits and makes you feel fantastic. You can improve your functional abilities to help with day to day living and overall improve the energy levels – allowing you to do the things you love most. Active seniors have more strength and agility making them less prone to illnesses and failing over.

If you want to start being active it’s a good idea to start a routine that suits you and your ability, below is some tips to achieve this:

Only choose the activities you love, this could be walking or swimming.

  • Join a local gym and attend the classes that are right for you. Something not too straining like water aerobics could be perfect.
  • Exercise with a partner. Not only will this motivate you it will also keep your social life active.
  • Enjoy time being active with your grandchildren, this might be walking, fishing, swimming or cycling that will not only keep you active, it will be time to enjoy with your family.
  • Exercise daily in small amounts to keep your energy up and mind positive.

Love every Minute

Finally and probably most importantly, love every minute of your retirement. Do the things you love and share it with the people you love. Embrace changes and build new relationships, keep healthy and stay active. If you can do all this you can achieve a positive well-being and live the life you want.

At Churchill Retirement Living you can keep physically and socially active in the area you love with friends and family, to make for happy and healthy retirement years!

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