Top 10 Apps for OAPS: Smartphones and Tablets

It’s amazing what you can do with your smartphone or tablet today! From training your brain, watching your favourite TV shows or catching up face-to-face with friends and relatives – it’s all just a click away. It’s easier than ever for seniors to get connected to the digital world with practically designed programs that only require a few quick taps to access. Hallelujah! Come on get ‘appy! It’s time to download some of the most interesting and helpful applications on the market.

Best Apps for Staying in Touch


A must download for those of us who are jetsetters (or those whose grandchildren are) Skype is an amazing way to video or voice call anywhere around the globe! Video chat is the most fun function, letting you talk face-to-face through your phone or tablet camera. Not only that, Skype now offers voice calls to mobiles and landlines meaning you have even more ways to stay in touch. Plus you can even text chat or share files and photographs – so you’ll never miss out on those all important holiday snaps!

Dragon Dictation

Want to write a long email but fed up of tapping the screen? Dragon Dictation is the ideal solution to hours of clicking away on your touch screen. Once you’ve installed it you simply tap once and then dictate what you would like to type! It uses voice recognition to allow you to text, email or even write your shopping list with ease. Your message will appear word by word as you speak – so it’s perfect for those who don’t feel confident in their touch typing skills. Apple only. 


Much like Skype, Viber is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends around the world. The benefit of Viber is that it instantly connects with your existing contacts list meaning once it is installed you’ll be up and running right away! Voice call, text chat and send fun stickers to anyone in your phone book no matter where they are. Viber has recently launched puzzle and casino style games that you can play whilst you wait for replies.

Best Apps for Boosting Brainpower

Quiz Up

If you’re a lover of trivial pursuit or a good pub quiz, this is the app for you. Challenge friends or strangers around the world to quick quizzes on over 700 different topics, from classical art and music to inventors or even Ancient Rome – pick out your favourite topics and test yourself! Available for Android or through the Apple Store.

Words with Friends

Just like Scrabble on the go! Take turns against friends or other players in building words crossword puzzle style across the board to gain points. You can play this one on almost any device, including on the Kindle Fire, Nook tablets or even through Facebook on your desktop. Challenge yourself to come up with the highest scoring words and get your brain cells exercising to beat your competitor.

Best Apps for Health

Pill Reminder Pro

A great little app for helping you to manage your medication. Start by entering your medication and dosage per day and the app will set alarms to remind you exactly when to take them. Simple to use and easy to edit, this is 79p well spent for the more forgetful of us!

Jamie Oliver - Recipes

It’s time to step away from the recipe book and let Jamie take you through quick, easy, delicious meals step by step on this easy to use app. From perfect puds to the best veggie accompaniments to your Sunday lunch, Jamie’s got you covered.

Digi Pill

This is one ‘appy app! Digi Pill’s inventors designed it to help you brighten your mood using 'psychoacoustics to unlock your subconscious and change your perception'. If you’ve got an open mind to hypnosis or audio relaxation techniques then give this a try. Officially the world’s number one Health & Fitness app, Digi Pill has options to help you lose weight, reduce stress or get a more restful night’s sleep. We love the soothing sound of US self-help expert Brian Colbert’s dulcet tones.

Bonus app! One for the Ladies…


This nifty new app lets you tap to book discounted beauty appointments at over 8,000 salons and spas across the UK, including London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh and Glasgow. You can check the reviews before you book so you’ll never make a mistake again. They list everything you’d need from hairdressers to masseuses and manicurists. So if your hair-do needs updating or if you want to treat yourself or someone special you’ve got a little black book of beauty at your fingertips. 

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