Top 5 ways to stay comfy & cosy this Winter

Top 5 ways to stay comfy & cosy this Winter
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1. Get the glow

With fewer daylight hours in winter, as well as creating that cosy vibe, it's good for your health that your home stays well lit. Use soft background lighting, preferably dimmable, and a small light by the sofa for reading. If you have the luxury of a wood burning stove (even an electric one) this will add a warm glow, while candlelight creates a cosy atmosphere.

2. Make a reading nook

When it gets dark out so early, we are all guilty of falling into the habit of TV binge-watching. Why not create an alternative to this, by feathering a cosy little space where you can curl up with a book or tablet? Add plenty of plush pillows, blankets and a hot cup of something - liqueur coffee anyone?

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3. Create something

From a gift for the Grandkids, to a cosy new Winter hat...
One truly therapeutic way to keep yourself occupied when stuck inside because of the bad weather is to knit or crochet something new. Stuck for patterns or ideas? Grab the iPad and visit Pinterest. You can make cosy accessories for yourself or family members to keep warm during the winter with free and easy knitting patterns.

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4. Bake off

What could be better than having homemade soup with freshly baked bread on a freezing cold day? Bake something and warm yourself up with a sweet or savoury treat. Even if you're not a star baker there are so many things to try your hand at and we all have cookbooks that are gathering dust! Cakes, crepes, soups,'s up to you, just get creative!

5. Enjoy the simple things in life

It only takes a few ingredients to create your very own at home spa, and if there is one thing we all neglect, it's pamper time! Not your thing? No worries. Why not treat yourself to your favourite coffee, indulge in new bubble bath for long soaks by candlelight or spend some time finally putting your favourite photographs in that album you bought? All are instant mood take the time to enjoy them.

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