Spring cleaning tips for seniors

Spring cleaning can be a challenging job for anyone - let alone older people whose bodies don’t have the energy that they used to. But while you might not look forward to it, spring cleaning can be a fun and fulfilling exercise if you go in with the right planning. You might not think so, but spring cleaning can even help boost your mood!

Want to get the most out of your spring cleaning? We’ve rounded up some of the best spring cleaning tips for seniors:

Declutter before you start cleaning

Before you start cleaning your home, make sure to free your apartment of clutter. Removing clutter won’t just make your home look more appealing on the eye - it will also remove any trip hazards! Whether it’s a pile-up of heavy books or old records, make sure to clear your paths to make your home easier to navigate. Once you’ve done this, cleaning the rest of your home will be a piece of cake.

Do the job in manageable chunks

Don’t feel like you need to tackle your spring cleaning all in one go. As well as tiring you out, this can put you at risk of getting an injury. To make the task a tad easier, break down your workload into more manageable chunks. Spend a few hours working in one room, and spend the rest of the day relaxing and recovering. Remember - slow and steady wins the race!

Check your fire and safety alarms

In retirement, your safety and peace of mind is paramount. So to ensure you still feel safe and secure in your home, make sure to check your smoke and safety alarms are still working. As a general rule, you should aim to check your alarms once every month.

With a Churchill retirement apartment, you’ll never have to worry about your safety and security. With reliable fire, smoke and intruder alarm systems, you can stay focused on enjoying the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

Use the right cleaning products

With the right cleaning tools, spring cleaning your home can be a walk in the park. If you are someone who struggles with mobility or joint problems, there are loads of ways to make the job easier on your body. For example, long-reach dusters, light-weight vacuums, and extendable brooms that can get to those hard-to-reach places. At the same time, try to avoid chemicals and cleaning products that pose a health risk!

If in doubt, get help!

You might feel like taking on the more physically challenging work yourself, but don’t be afraid to ask for help! If there’s heavy furniture that needs moving, or something that you can’t quite reach, outside help is invaluable. Enlisting the help of a family member, neighbour or even a professional cleaning service can help you minimise risk and get through your spring cleaning in record time.

Reward yourself

After the exhaustive work of tidying up your home, make sure to give yourself a reward. Spring cleaning is almost like a work out, so follow it up with something that you find relaxing, like a bath, a nice book or a cozy night watching tv. If you know there’s something fun waiting for you at the end of the day, those hours of spring cleaning will fly by.


Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to look at your living space through a new set of eyes. If you fancy a change of scenery, Churchill’s retirement apartments are the ideal place to enjoy a fulfilling retirement lifestyle. You’ll be able to take advantage of community events, a luxury Owners’ Lounge and the regular maintenance of your home!