The perks of living in a retirement village in the summer

With a feeling of community and a strong sense of security, the benefits of living in a retirement village are not hard to see. But at summertime, the beauty of owning a retirement home is clearer than ever! There’s nothing like sunshine and warm weather to lift your mood, and inspire you to get out living your retirement years to the full. Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of summertime from your retirement village!

Summer walks

If you own a dog, or love taking walks to enjoy Mother Nature, summer is the season for you. Retire in the countryside, and you’ll never have to look far for a gorgeous new path to explore.

But even taking a short walk through a local park will do wonders for your mood and well-being.

As well as being great for your physical and mental health, the peace and tranquility of a summer walk can’t be matched. You can use a summer walk to give yourself some time to reflect, or enjoy a group walk with fellow residents of your retirement village!


Being out in the garden for hours isn’t particularly fun in the cold. But with sunny weather on your back, there are few things more satisfying. The summer is also a great time to see the fruit of your labour, as your planted creations start to flower!

Many retirement villages run gardening societies where you can make new friends as you toil away with your gardening tools. Whether you want to tend to fresh produce or root out some pesky weeds, summer is the best time to do it!

Bird watching

Get out your binoculars - the same weather that makes gardening more fun also creates an ideal environment for bird watching! Whether you are listening out for their calls, taking note of their unique patterns or spotting different species, bird watching is a peaceful way to bring you closer to nature.

Summer fun for your grandchildren

Summer isn’t just great for retired people - it’s also perfect for energetic grandchildren! If you need something to do when your grandkids come to visit, summer will open up a lot of doors for you. You can take them to a park, do some outdoor arts and crafts, or take them out for a trip to town!

Easy to stay active

Enjoying the summer breeze and breathing in fresh air should be enough to inspire you to get active outdoors. Summer makes it possible to take part in outdoor activities that you wouldn’t want to do in colder weather. Why not get involved in an outdoor exercise class, a golf society, or even a chess club? There is no reason why most of your summer shouldn’t be spent outside!

With Churchill, you can lock up and leave

Have you got the bug to travel more of the world during summer time? With a Churchill Retirement apartment, you can make use of your spare time and go exploring whenever you please! All of our apartments are built to prioritise your safety and security, meaning you can leave home with the confidence that everything will be the same when you get back!