Tips for older adults to beat the heat this summer

The summer season arrives with the promise of great memories and plenty of stunning weather. But for older adults, the extreme heat of summer also comes with a few potential challenges.

Wondering how hot weather can affect the elderly? While extreme heat can feel like an inconvenience for most people, older adults are vulnerable to heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion and even heatstroke.

Want to experience the joys of summer without worrying about your health? Here are some clever ways to beat the heat, and enjoy the sunny season to the fullest:

Wear a sunhat

You may feel like you want to venture out to explore the sunny outdoors, but make sure you’re doing it with the right protection. A wide-brimmed sun hat should be a part of every retirees wardrobe, shielding your skin and preventing the chance of sunburn. Rather than adding on another layer of heat, a sunhat can make the summer heat a lot more bearable, as well as making it easier to see.

Go swimming

In the scorching heat of summer, you probably won’t feel very motivated to stay active outdoors. But if you’re looking for a fun physical activity that also allows you to keep cool, look no further than the swimming pool. There should be a few different swimming pools to choose from in your local area, and many leisure centers offer aqua aerobics classes for you to take part in. As well as helping you cool down in the summer months, swimming is one of the most enjoyable ways of staying fit.

Use the shade

As the weather gets warmer, shade becomes your best friend. Getting active in sunny weather has plenty of benefits to your health and your mood, but you can only withstand the blazing sunshine for so long. To avoid the risk of overheating, always look out for a shaded path as you do your daily errands or summer strolls. This way, you can enjoy the glory of summer weather even longer!

Stay hydrated

This probably sounds quite obvious, but it’s easy to forget how important it is to keep your body hydrated. On average, an older adult should attempt to drink around 6-8 cups of water per day - perhaps even more if you’re exerting yourself in the heat. If you’re on the move, get yourself a water flask to keep your water nice and cool on those warmer days. Though you might not always feel thirsty, believe us - your body needs it!

Eat lighter and cooler meals

If you’ve found that the warm weather has made you feel sluggish, the last thing you want is to eat a hot, heavy meal. Instead, go for lighter, cooler meals that are packed with nutrients to help you power through those hot summer days. As a general summer rule, stay away from food like soups and curries, and opt instead for cool summer salads or pasta dishes. Eating cooler meals also means you’ll avoid having to use your oven, which can make you home even warmer!

Avoid going out at the hottest parts of the day

While you can’t avoid going outside altogether, what you can do is pick the right time to get out and about. 11am to 3pm is likely to be the hottest period of the day, so try to fit your fitness and daily errands around these times. This way you can enjoy the beauty of the outside world, without feeling overheated.

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