“We’re happy because Mum’s happy”

Joyce Hobbs’ family are delighted with her move to Hardy Lodge, Shaftesbury

Joyce Hobbs moved to her brand new apartment in Hardy Lodge earlier this year. Now she’s closer to loved ones and enjoying her new lifestyle, and her family couldn’t be happier about it.

“When I lost my husband, and then my dog too, I felt completely lost,” says Joyce. “I came to see my daughter Michelle in Shaftesbury one day and was in the car just outside Hardy Lodge, when I thought ‘I wonder what it would be like to live here...’”

Joyce’s daughter Michelle remembers their first visit to view the development:

When Mum saw the pretty Owners’ Lounge here she thought this is the kind of thing she’d like to come and sit and enjoy. It was her that made all the decisions about moving and we just sort of went with what she wanted.

“When we were younger my Mum and Dad lived in a lovely big house together,” recalls Michelle. “She would love to entertain us all. They did lots of things together, they lived in Africa and travelled all over the place. After Dad died things were different.

“My father had always done a lot of the maintenance on the house and I think to suddenly introduce a strange person to come and do it was a bit alien to Mum. We were also concerned that she might let somebody in that she shouldn’t. That was one of the contributing factors in wanting to move.”

Joyce’s granddaughter Natalie also lives nearby and along with her son Oliver – Joyce’s great-grandson – has enjoyed seeing more of her Nan since the move.

“My Nan is a very independent woman and always has been,” says Natalie. “When grandad died she struggled with not seeing very many people and not having much social interaction. Things are better for her here because she’s socialising more, and mobilising more. Coming somewhere like Hardy Lodge, knowing that there’s security and other people around, is reassuring for the whole family.”

Natalie adds: “It’s also nice to know that when we spend time with Nan it’s more quality family time. Before we would always be helping to put the hoover round and doing things like that, but now there’s no need.”

Joyce agrees:

My apartment is very nice. It has a little patio you can put pots on, and I don’t need to worry about the garden and getting the grass cut. It’s a lot easier and a lot more relaxing. The best thing about living at Hardy Lodge is the companionship, having things to do, and being close to my family.

Joyce’s daughter Michelle also appreciated having the help of Churchill’s moving services to make sure everything went smoothly during the move. She says: “It took the pressure off of us not having to arrange removals and things like that. The whole process only took about six to ten weeks.

Above all, Mum is happy to be here. And we’re happy that she is happy.

Hardy Lodge is a collection of 42 privately owned one and two bedroom retirement apartments and shared facilities, designed exclusively for the over 60s. Apartments boast spacious rooms throughout and an ideal combination of design and functionality. The fully fitted, stylish kitchens include a built in fridge and freezer, hob and an oven, which is located at an easy-reach height. All of the properties benefit from illuminated light switches for added convenience. Owners also enjoy ultimate peace of mind from a fitted video entry system for the highest level of security and a 24 hour emergency call system.

With less to worry about, Owners have more time to do the things they enjoy, such as having family or friends to stay in the development’s well-appointed Guest Suite, enjoying a chat with neighbours, or attending one of the regular social events in the Owners’ Lounge.
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