When neighbours become great friends

Kathy Page, 74, and Inga Evans, 70, had been living around the corner from each other in north Tonbridge for many years but had never met. That was until they both made the move to Churchill Retirement Living’s Waterside Lodge, where they have now become great friends.

Kathy and Inga were both taken with Waterside Lodge, located in Tonbridge town centre, due to its friendly atmosphere. Since moving in they have been enjoying regular get togethers with each other as well as the other Owners at the Lodge.

Inga said: “I have made such great friends since moving into the Lodge. We all enjoy meeting up on a Wednesday and a Sunday for a drink and a few nibbles. We talk, play cards and have such good fun.”

Kathy added: “I always enjoy catching up with Inga and the other Owners as well as getting involved in the social events here at the Lodge. If you are ever in need of a bit of company, you can pop down to the Owner’s Lounge and within a few minutes someone will join you for a coffee and a chat.”

Both Inga and Kathy also saw the benefits of the low maintenance lifestyle offered by retirement living. Inga had been living in her family home for 33 years, but realised that keeping up with such a large property was becoming difficult. Likewise, Kathy and her husband George had a bungalow with a large garden but decided now was the right time to move, as Kathy explains: “We had lovely bungalow and it took a bit of effort to convince my husband that is was time to downsize, but our large garden was becoming too much work.

Inga continued: “My husband and I had said over the years that our cul de sac would be a lonely place to grow old. After he passed away three years ago, I was keen not to make any rash decisions but came to realise that the house was too big for me. I watched Waterside Lodge being built and, after walking past one day with a friend, I decided to call in. I made an appointment with sales consultant, Lorraine, and it didn’t take me long to decide it was the right move to make.

“It is the people that really make Waterside Lodge special. As well as finding friends in Kathy and George, I am also looking forward to the trip of a lifetime in the New Year visiting Malaga, Malta, Egypt, Jordan, Abu Dhabi and Dubai on a cruise with a few fellow Owners.

“We have a lot in common, but there is one thing in particular that both Kathy and I feel strongly about – do not leave it too late to make the move. There is so much to enjoy here, why wait to make the most of it!”

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