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The Churchill Retirement Living reviews are in! We love hearing from our Customers, highlighting why we come recommended. Here's just a small sample of testimonials from happy Owners!

Living a fulfilled retirement with Churchill Retirement Living

Rev Quine Formby 1920x1080

Rev. Chris Quine

Trinity Lodge, Formby

"We’ve got a rather nice community here which has gone from strength to strength as more Owners have moved in. You always feel like if you are in need, there’s someone to help. The security is second to none which provides us with further peace of mind too."

Brian Howard Salisbury 1920x1080

Brian Howard

Sarum Lodge, Salisbury

"We opted for the Home Exchange Service with very little hesitation and it took all the stress out of moving. The availability of the Churchill representatives to help us made everything go so smoothly and the advice of our downsizing adviser was worth its weight in gold. As the first Owners to move in, we’ve been so impressed by the care that’s been shown by each and every person here, from the marketing staff to the construction workers."

Blakes Shaftesbury testimonial 1920x1080

John & Angelina Blake

Hardy Lodge, Shaftesbury

"We’d lived in our three-bedroom bungalow with a huge garden in Shaftesbury for years, but it was becoming quite a job to maintain. It was quite a task downsizing from our home to the apartment, there were certainly a lot of trips to the charity shop and the tip to get rid of things, but we did it. It was certainly the right move for us!"

Truro Peter Fazakerley 1920x1080

Peter Fazakerley

Tregolls Lodge, Truro

"Tregolls Lodge was the first retirement complex I viewed and I was really pleased with the facilities at the Lodge, and the lifestyle on offer. It’s so close to all the local amenities, and it’s easy for me to just walk to the shops – something I was never able to do before."

George and Ena Menarry Avonbank Lodge 1920x1080

George & Ena Menarry

Avonbank Lodge, Newbury

"All in all, moving to Avonbank Lodge was the best thing we could’ve done. The advice Churchill gave us to help our move made the whole experience so easy and enjoyable, and we can now live without the worry of maintaining our home and garden."

Janet John Perkins Perran Lodge

Janet & John Perkins

Perran Lodge, Newquay

“The quality, design and finish of our apartment is superb but the location and convenience is also fantastic. Our apartment overlooks the Barrowfields and the Atlantic Ocean, which is glorious, we feel like we are on holiday all the time! It is the best decision we have made.”

June Wakeling Sachs Lodge

June Wakeling

Sachs Lodge, Torquay

“I have a ground floor apartment with my own patio looking out onto the woods and straight on down to the sea. I love the sense of air and space, and I’m only a two minute walk from the village shops which is very convenient. It means I can easily get out for a walk every day and keep myself fit!”

Den Ann Sheldon Lodge

Den & Ann Baldwin

Sheldon Lodge, Berkhamsted

“The Sales Executives were very helpful and explained Churchill’s Move With Ease and Home Exchange services, which we decided straight away would be right for us. Within three and a half weeks, we had completed the sale of our old house and moved in to our brand new apartment at Sheldon Lodge.” 

Joan Tony Rea Kings Lodge

Joan & Tony Rea

King's Lodge, Maidstone

“It’s great being right in the centre of town with everything on our doorstep, and to have all the maintenance taken care of so we can enjoy more of our free time. We also love to travel, so it’s nice to be able to lock up and leave with no worries about security.” 

Sheila Laming Beatrice Lodge

Sheila Laming

Beatrice Lodge, Sittingbourne

"I never dreamt I’d come here, but my two sons made the decision for me, they decided Mum needed some company! Now I’m here it turns out they were right, I’m really enjoying my new lifestyle and have re-connected with some people I hadn’t seen for years. One of my new neighbours is a local lad who I hadn’t seen since he was a teenager!”

Rita Forder St Giles Lodge

Rita Forder

St Giles Lodge, Tonbridge

“My apartment is lovely and everyone here has been very friendly and helpful. We have a nice sociable Owners’ Lounge, and more new people will be moving in soon to share it with. I’m really looking forward to enjoying sunny weather and friendly company, with no jobs to do.”

Celia Forsberg Rothesay Lodge

Celia Forsberg

Rothesay Lodge, Highcliffe

“I’ve been very busy getting to know everyone and getting involved in the local community. I’m on the Highcliffe in Bloom committee, I help run an after school club with the local church, and I’m helping the local Rotary Club. I enjoy a very busy lifestyle and it’s been wonderful making new friends here at Rothesay Lodge and in my new neighbourhood in general.”

Rev MrsCairns Leo Knights Lodge

Rev. and Mrs Cairns, and Leo the Dog

Knights Lodge, Lymington

“When we saw the new apartments in Lymington, it brought back wonderful memories of visiting my wife’s father, who retired here and lived on a small sailing boat for a number of years. We also knew Churchill would allow us to bring Leo with us to Knights Lodge, so we decided to go for it.”

Tony Barbara Spitfire Lodge

Tony & Barbara Brocklebank

Spitfire Lodge, Portswood

“Everyone on the Churchill team has been so helpful throughout the move, we’re very pleased we came here. Our old house was lovely but it had an enormous garden with a very steep slope, and we just didn’t need the hassle of keeping on top of it any longer."

Roger Oscar Lodge 1920x1080

Roger Axtell

Oscar Lodge, Aylesbury

"I'm a big advocate of the Churchill lifestyle. I proudly carry my Churchill branded shopping bag into town and I'm always telling people how great it is here. Moving house can be a scary process, but Churchill did everything to make it easy, like hooking us up with a specialist downsizing adviser called Michael. He was absolutely brilliant at helping us plan what to bring and what to leave behind, and giving us confidence that all the little details were covered."

Mary Clements 1920x1080

Mary Clements

Hudson Lodge, Cheam

"My apartment felt like living in a hotel to start with, everything was so nice and brand new. We have a good crowd of people here and we all get on very well. I've enjoyed the various social events like fish and chip lunch, coffee mornings and film afternoons. We go on days out together, visit the coast and watch shows at the theatre, there's always something going on."

Margaret Clemens 1920x1080

Margaret Clemens

Hudson Lodge, Cheam

"I love cruising, in fact I've got a trip to the Mediterranean booked for this autumn. With my Churchill apartment I know I can lock up and go away without any worries about safety and security, or having to wonder what I'll be coming back to. I think moving here is the best thing I ever did. I loved my old house but I was getting fed up with the big garden and all the decorating and maintenance jobs that needed doing."

Margaret Brian Hopper Beck Lodge 1920X1080

Margaret and Brian Hopper

Beck Lodge, Park Gate

"We were in a 3 bedroom bungalow and didn't want the job of maintaining the garden, which was becoming a less enjoyable job than it used to be. The service we received from Bryony and the Churchill team was fantastic, and our Lodge Manager Sue is great too."

Joan Goozee Beck Lodge 1920x1080

Joan Goozee

Beck Lodge, Park Gate

"It was my son's idea for me to come and look at the apartments here. I liked them straight away and now I've moved in I love it here. I'm settling in well and much prefer it to Croydon! My grandchildren and great-grandchildren are all nearby, and I have a beautiful view to look out on every day from my balcony."

Pat Bill Purkidd 1920x1080

Pat & Bill Purkiss

Weavers Lodge, Haverhill

"Our move has all gone very quickly and smoothly. In fact it took less than five weeks from our first viewing to moving in. Churchill's Sales Executive Alex has been brilliant, and the Home Exchange service meant that we could be in control of the move and make it happen nice and quickly."

Pete Helen webb Weavers lodge 1920x1080

Peter & Helen Webb

Weavers Lodge, Haverhill

"People often leave it too late to move, but we feel like we've done it at the right time, while we're still young and active enough to enjoy it and make the most of our new lifestyle."

Mr Mrs Dowling Cheltenham 1920x1081

Anthony & Gail Dowling

Lewis Carroll Lodge, Cheltenham

"Although the process of selling our house did not go smoothly, the Churchill team always gave us confidence that they would work with us to achieve a satisfactory outcome and they did. We eventually moved just 1 week before lockdown. Consequently we have not so far been able to experience the full advantages of retirement living. Nevertheless we already feel more relaxed and are certain we have made the right move."