Online Dating Over 55: How to Get Your Profile Started

You are never too old to meet someone and start dating again. And this time around, you will be experienced enough to lose those nerves and get the most out of dating! Well, with any luck, this little guide will show you how to embrace the online dating medium. It might be something you have never considered before, but maybe we can cast a new light on it for you…


Online dating essentials

Forget about what you think you know about online dating. It’s a great way to meet likeminded people, and it takes away all the hard work you have to go through, first. You might meet someone at your local pub, and it will take a while to get to know them.

Then eventually, it turns out you have nothing in common, and you might feel like it has been a waste of your time. Online dating services are different in that they will find you a suitable date right from the start. You will have common interests, similar personality traits, and once you get going, it’s a lot of fun!


The 5 Dos of online dating

  • Make sure you fill out your profile properly. The more information you provide, the more chance of a perfect match!
  • Include a recent photo, and make sure that it’s a good one!
  • Take your time to get to know people through messages, before meeting them in person
  • Always tell a friend or family member where you are going with your date, and check in with them at regular intervals
  • Make sure your first date is doing something that encourages talking, rather than watching a film or play


The 5 Don’ts of online dating

  • Never go somewhere too quiet on a first date – a busy restaurant or a wine-tasting evening, rather than a long walk in the countryside
  • Don’t stick around if you feel uneasy. Just make your excuses, be polite, and leave
  • Never spend the evening talking about yourself – always ask questions
  • Don’t tell porkies on your dating profile – even if it’s a little white lie!
  • Try not to build yourself up about a first date – take your time before throwing yourself in headfirst


There’s a number of great sites that have plenty of members aged over 55, here’s our favourites…

  • Elite Singles is a general dating site, but worth looking at to get you started, as one in three of its members are over 50
  • The 50Plus Club is aimed exclusively towards the over 50s. Head over here if you prefer a simple and straightforward introduction to online dating.
  • It should come as no surprise to you that popular magazine and organisation Saga also have a dating site. If you prefer the more traditional dating pages over a general service, this one is for you.
  • Perfect for those who might not be brave enough to fill out their own profile! It allows children with single parents or older friends to sign up and get them dating again.
  • Another gentle introduction to online dating for anyone in their 50s or older.


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