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In-house planning experts from Churchill


Planning Issues Limited is an in-house planning and design consultancy for Churchill Retirement Living. The team is made up of chartered town planners and architects as well as affordable housing professionals.

Planning Issues is involved right from the initial stages of land identification through to completion of the development. The team is keen to engage with the local community, key local stakeholders and local planning authorities.

Planning Issues is committed to the delivery of high quality design solutions for Churchill Retirement Living and future residents alike.

Churchill Retirement Living always seeks to work in partnership with local planning authorities to ensure an appropriate range of housing is offered to older people, in a way that satisfies the policies of local planning policy while also satisfying the government’s wider planning and housing objectives.


Retirement Living Explained: A Guide for Planning & Design Professionals

For the last three years, Churchill Retirement Living has been funding a PhD project at Newcastle University’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape to explore what the homes of older people could look like in the future. The PhD has been carried out by Sam Clark under the supervision of Prof Rose Gilroy and Prof Adam Sharr.

As the project nears completion, Sam Clark has used his research findings to produce a detailed new report called Retirement Living Explained: A Guide for Planning and Design Professionals. This comprehensive new guide is available to download here.


Benefits of retirement living

  • Neighbourly form of development.
  • Reduces demands on health and social services as single visits are possible to pool resources.
  • Provides companionship and a community which reduces isolation, loneliness and depression.
  • Well-located to shops and essential services, reducing the need to travel by car.
  • Helps to maintain an independent lifestyle and heath and general wellbeing.
  • Safety and security features reduce anxieties and worries experienced by many older people.
  • Ongoing maintenance provided by the management company.

If you would like to discuss our approach to planning and design, please contact Andrew Burgess, Managing Director via email or call 01425 462372.

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