Churchill Retirement Living Reviews - See what our customers say

The Churchill Retirement Living reviews are in! We love hearing from our Customers and here's just a small sample of testimonials from happy Owners!

Cindy Testimonial 1920x1080

Cindy Howlett

Sheldon Lodge in Berkhamsted

"Everything I need is close by, the location couldn’t be better. I’ve still got my car at the minute but I decided to sell it because I just don’t need it anymore."

Ricketts Testimonial 1920x1081

Mr & Mrs Ricketts

Sheldon Lodge in Berkhamsted

"Moving to Sheldon Lodge was definitely the right move for us and we would recommend Churchill Retirement to everyone. There’s nothing they haven’t thought about to make life easier. The apartments are well designed, the location is perfect and the people here are so lovely."

Fleming Testimonial 1920x1080

Mr Fleming

Nicholls Lodge in Bishop's Stortford

“I used some of the services from Churchill to help me move – like the Home Exchange, where they bought my house so I could move quickly. It was very good – it took the stress out of moving.”

Carpenter Testimonial 1920x10808

Mr and Mrs Carpenter

Summerson Lodge, Portsmouth

“It is a great relief to us not to have to worry about the repairs and maintenance of a large house anymore and it is a weight off our children and grandchildrens’ minds to know we are safe and secure here. We would encourage anyone who is considering downsizing to visit and find out just how many advantages there are to this way of living.” 

Woods Testimonial 1920x1080

Mr Woods

Petlands Lodge, Haywards Heath

“Having looked at other apartments in the area I settled on Petlands Lodge, for the central location and free parking. My apartment has a balcony which is most enjoyable in the lovely summer weather we have. It really is a pleasure living at Petlands Lodge.”

Wales Testimonial 1920x1080

Mrs Wales

Petlands Lodge, Haywards Heath

“I sold my London property through the Churchill Selling Made Easy scheme, and with the invaluable help of Karen & Vivienne I am now settled into my new apartment and have made many new friends already. The location is great for nipping into Marks & Spencer and all the other high street shops. With the darker evenings drawing in I will not feel as isolated or lonely as I use to in my old house."

Mercer Testimonial 1920x1080

Mr & Mrs Mercer

Petlands Lodge, Haywards Heath

“Having moved from an older property that required ongoing maintenance which inevitably took a lot of time and effort we found this was encroaching more and more on our retirement, when we wanted to spend our time with the grandchildren, not maintaining an old house! Having moved into our apartment we now have no maintenance worries. This means we’re now able to spend time with our grandsons, who often come and see us at Petlands Lodge. We haven’t had a moment's regret in our new apartment”

Jean Redfern Penzance 1920x1080

Jean Redfearn

Mount's Bay Lodge, Penzance

I was the first person to move into an apartment at Mount's Bay Lodge and I want to say how much I appreciated the warm welcome I received from the staff, and the flowers and other gifts. The apartment is exactly what I hoped for, ideally presented for downsizing into such a lovely setting. I look forward to enjoying my life here!

Sharon Buckley Cirencester 1920x1080

Sharon Buckley

Beecham Lodge, Cirencester

My children heard about Beecham Lodge and recommended I take a look, as they knew it would make a real difference for me to live somewhere completely new. The whole process of moving was just wonderful, everything went smoothly, the sales executives were extremely helpful and it was such a weight off my mind.

Geoffrey Lawrence Carshalton 1920x1080

Geoffrey Lawrence

Laurel Lodge, Carshalton

"There are several like-minded people here and it’s a good community to be a part of. Living here is as near perfect as I expected it to be. I’d been considering retirement living for a while, and when I found out about Laurel Lodge it was the perfect solution. Downsizing was tough, and I had to be ruthless about de-cluttering a lifetime’s worth of possessions, but I got plenty of help and it was well worth it now I’m here in my attractive new apartment. I can see why the process of de-cluttering is daunting for some, but I’d encourage anyone else to do the same and they will reap the benefits once it’s done."

Ken Lewis Dartford 1920x1080

Ken Lewis

Keyes Lodge, Dartford

“I was one of the first to move in. I like it here and am settling in nicely. There’s a good crowd here and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with social activities to join in with if I want to. We usually have a jigsaw on the go in the Owners’ Lounge and there’s often someone around to chat to over a cup of tea.”

Mrs Britten Ringwood 1920x1080

Ann Britten

King Edgar Lodge, Ringwood

There’s just something about this place that I love and I knew it was exactly what I needed. The Owners are wonderful and there if you need them, they’ve made me feel very welcome since moving in. There are lots of different activities and plenty to do at the Lodge. The location, too, is also perfect and I’m close enough to town to continue my regular walks. 

Rev Quine Formby 1920x1080

Rev. Chris Quine

Trinity Lodge, Formby

We’ve got a rather nice community here which has gone from strength to strength as more Owners have moved in. You always feel like if you are in need, there’s someone to help. The security is second to none which provides us with further peace of mind too.

Povey Penzance 1920x1080

Mrs Povey

Mount's Bay Lodge, Penzance

The move itself was seamless with everything taken care of for us by Churchill. Our selected furniture from our old property fit very well in our new home - my son even commented that it looks like our old home - which is nice! It’s lovely and warm and there’s a lot less housework - which is perfect!

Eric Bates East Wittering 1920x1080

Mr Bates

Tamarisk Lodge, East Wittering

The Home Exchange service worked out brilliantly. I was surprised at the great deal that Churchill offered us and it helped us hugely because it took a few months for Churchill to sell dad’s place so we would have lost the apartment we wanted to buy if we’d have been selling the bungalow ourselves. It was simple, hassle free and really quick.

Brian Howard Salisbury 1920x1080

Brian Howard

Sarum Lodge, Salisbury

We opted for the Home Exchange Service with very little hesitation and it took all the stress out of moving. The availability of the Churchill representatives to help us made everything go so smoothly and the advice of our downsizing adviser was worth its weight in gold. As the first Owners to move in, we’ve been so impressed by the care that’s been shown by each and every person here, from the marketing staff to the construction workers.

Ian Forbes Penzance 1920x1080

Ian Forbes

Mount's Bay Lodge, Penzance

We’re thoroughly enjoying making the most of our retirement years – and being in a more manageable property really helps with that. Since downsizing, we no longer have to worry about maintaining a large house and instead we do the things we enjoy doing, like spending time with our family, dancing and walking.

Blakes Shaftesbury testimonial 1920x1080

John & Angelina Blake

Hardy Lodge, Shaftesbury

"We’d lived in our three-bedroom bungalow with a huge garden in Shaftesbury for years, but it was becoming quite a job to maintain. It was quite a task downsizing from our home to the apartment, there were certainly a lot of trips to the charity shop and the tip to get rid of things, but we did it. It was certainly the right move for us!"

Truro Peter Fazakerley 1920x1080

Peter Fazakerley

Tregolls Lodge, Truro

Tregolls Lodge was the first retirement complex I viewed and I was really pleased with the facilities at the Lodge, and the lifestyle on offer. It’s so close to all the local amenities, and it’s easy for me to just walk to the shops – something I was never able to do before.

Joan Caterham no car1920x1080

Joan Johnson

Caterham Lodge, Caterham

Of course I brought the car with me when I moved, and there’s a free car park for the Owners here. However, after a few months I realised there was no point keeping it. I found it stressful driving in new places, and my reactions are slowing down a bit, so I decided to sell the car and I feel I’m better off without it. If I need to get anywhere I’m right next to the railway station and there are any number of buses I can catch within 100 yards of my front door.

George and Ena Menarry Avonbank Lodge 1920x1080

George & Ena Menarry

Avonbank Lodge, Newbury

All in all, moving to Avonbank Lodge was the best thing we could’ve done. The advice Churchill gave us to help our move made the whole experience so easy and enjoyable, and we can now live without the worry of maintaining our home and garden.