Retirement Homes in the City

Retire in the city

If you want a retirement characterised by convenience and lively new experiences, our city-based retirement homes will more than fit the bill. Live in a community that feels like home, while branching out and discovering something new.

City retirement living

Things to do in the city

One of the greatest joys of a city retirement is having an endless selection of things to do.

Go from visiting stunning museums and galleries, to a day out shopping with your family, or a relaxing day at a leisure centre. And if you miss the allure of the countryside, you can make use of the stunning parks and gardens in your city.

With a host of transport links on your doorstep, you’ll never have to worry about how to get where you need to be. Alongside the usual buses, trains and tram networks, you’ll also be able to enjoy spontaneous getaways from a nearby airport.

Your community in the city

While it’s natural to dream about a slow-paced, relaxing retirement, some retirees prefer to be at the heart of the action. From the comfort of your retirement home in the city, you’ll have the perfect platform to get out meeting new people, enjoying new experiences, and nurturing your favourite hobbies.

Not all cities are the same, so you’ll have plenty of range to pick the right community for you. From the hustle and bustle of London to the cultural delights of Manchester, you’ll find your dream community in no time.

A varied lifestyle in the city

Retiring in a city means every single day brings something new. So while you might associate city life with crowded streets and fast-paced living, you’ll also be able to enjoy a change of pace whenever you please.

Most cities in the UK are graced with peaceful green spaces, offering a respite from the fast pace of city life. For example, in Bristol you can balance the joys of city life with some of the greenest spots in the UK, and over 450 green spaces! Even London, one of the busiest cities in the world, features gorgeous parks like Primrose Hill and Greenwich Park.

Whether you want to head out for a dog walk or a charming stroll through a park, retiring in a city won’t stop you enjoying a slower pace of life. Instead, with convenient travel links and plenty of green spaces, you can tailor your retirement just the way you like it.

We have a variety of stunning developments of one and two bedroom retirement apartments in the city across the UK. Locations include:


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