Retirement Homes in the Country

Retire in the country

There’s a reason why so many retirees are eager to escape to the country. The countryside comes with the promise of relaxation, natural beauty and the opportunity to enjoy a much slower pace of life. To help you get in touch with Mother Nature, Churchill Retirement has a selection of retirement properties by the country, including charming areas like the Cotswalds, Devon and Dorset.

Country retirement living

Things to do in the country

Countryside living might not be as fast-paced as life in the city, but there’s still plenty of ways to lead a fulfilling retirement here. For one, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the great outdoors whenever you please, encountering wildlife and stunning natural sights along the way. If you’ve spent your life living in the city, a countryside retirement could offer the respite you need.

With our retirement homes by the country, you’ll be perfectly placed to enjoy the wonders of the countryside. As well as visiting national parks, farmer’s markets and even sandy beaches, you’ll also be able to visit historic landmarks and cultural attractions.

Your community in the countryside

More so than life in the city, life by the countryside is all about a sense of community. As part of a cosy village community, you’ll find it easy to make new friends on your travels, or take part in outdoor hobbies that make socialising feel effortless. With plenty of pubs, community groups and social clubs, you’ll feel part of your community in no time.

Being away from the city doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on new social opportunities. With a retirement property in the country, you’ll feel even more embedded in your community, and make friends for your life just moments away from your home.

A varied lifestyle in the country

Just because you’re living by the countryside, doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to get active now and then. Our homes in the country are perfectly situated for all kinds of retirees, whether you like to go for nature walks, outdoor sports, or wildlife spotting.

Beyond the stunning selection of green spaces, you’ll also enjoy easy access to amenities, local supermarkets, and convenient travel links. This makes it easy to explore the sights and attractions of your hometown, or even enjoy a day of shopping in your town center.

Are you longing for the quiet of the countryside, but don't want to miss out on the social opportunities of city life? With our retirement properties in the country, you’ll find the perfect fit for a varied retirement lifestyle.

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