5 reasons to start knitting today

Old people and knitting might seem like a cliche, but knitting is an incredibly useful pastime for someone in their retirement years. Knitting has health benefits, encourages you to socialise, and also results in plenty of cozy gifts to spoil your grandkids with. If you are thinking of dusting off your knitting needles, you can find the benefits of knitting below:

1. It’s good for your health

It might sound surprising, but knitting is great for your physical health. Knitting lowers blood pressure and heart rate, while increasing your memory retention and relaxation. A useful and fulfilling use of time, knitting also boosts your mental health.

2. Knitting reduces stress

When you need to escape the everyday stress of life, knitting has got your back. The British Journal of Occupational Therapy showed that knitting provided a source of calm and happiness for knitters. You can get lost in the patterns of your new masterpiece, and use it to unwind when life gets too hectic. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, knitting could be the calming distraction you need.

3. It encourages sociability

Knitting is a good excuse to meet new people within a knitting circle. You can chat, exchange ideas and expand your social circle with your newfound hobby. You can take your knitting needles wherever you go, whether it's a park, pub or a cute cafe.

4. You can make amazing gifts

Once you learn how to knit (and knit well), the sky's the limit. You can make handcrafted gifts for friends and family, who will appreciate the time you put into making something special - knitted gifts are much more thoughtful than something bought! Whether you want a scarf for yourself or a blanket for your grandkids, the possibilities are endless.

5. It’s fun!

You might think knitting seems boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you get started on something, finishing a knitting project can be fun and challenging (in a good way). As well as giving you a real sense of purpose, the feeling of completing something you’ve spent ages on is truly rewarding.

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