6 Tips for Winter Gardening

The gloom and cold of winter doesn’t just have an effect on our mood - it also puts a damper on our gardening! Sadly, winter is not a time where you can enjoy the blooming of beautiful plant life. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to keep you occupied.

Looking for clues on how to prepare a garden for winter? You’ve come to the right place - our winter garden maintenance tips have everything you need to keep busy in the garden!

Fall winter garden tips:

  • Protect your plants from the cold
  • Clean your tools
  • Plant your bulbs
  • Prune your plants
  • Make a compost heap
  • In extreme circumstances, clear ice and snow!

Protect your plants from the cold

Winter isn’t the best time for tender plants to grow, so do what you can to shield your plants from the cold. Continue to water your plants during the middle of the day, and cover any tender plants with an upturned plant pot. If you have a greenhouse to place your more precious plants in, even better!

Clean your tools

Your gardening tools won’t be seeing as much action during the winter, so now is the perfect time to clean your equipment. Get your cutting tools sharpened, polish wooden handles with linseed oil and cover any cracks with a fresh gloss of paint. When prime gardening season returns, your tools will be ready for action!

Plant your bulbs

Can you plant plants in winter? You might be surprised, but November to January is a perfect time to plant your bulbs. You can set your bulbs in individual plant pots, and leave them outside with a blanket covering of leaves. As long as the ground isn’t frozen or rock-solid, you can then transport your bulbs to the earth!

Prune your plants

Winter is a good time to prune your plants because most plant life goes dormant in the cold weather. Cut back on your plants near the end of winter, and your plants will be ready to regrow when the temperature gets warmer. Choose a mild dry day, target unwanted or dying branches and remember to wear your gardening gloves!

Make a compost heap

If you are wondering how to prepare your plants for winter, building a compost heap for your flower beds is a good place to start. Organic compost is great for soil and plants, and you can make one by buying a cheap compost bin, and adding compost and well-rotted manure. This will create the ideal environment for your future plants to thrive.

In extreme circumstances, clear ice and snow!

Ice and snow can be damaging for plants if left unattended. Shake the frost off your plants, while allowing ice to melt naturally. Whatever you do, don’t step on a frozen lawn, as this can do serious damage to your grass!

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