‘Dutton Lodge Challenge’ keeps apartment Owners laughing during lockdown

At Dutton Lodge in Penrith, Lodge Manager Adam Walton has been running a series of fun socially distanced challenges for Owners to enjoy in recent weeks. From riddles and trivia to logic puzzles and games of skill, the challenges have provided a laugh and something for apartment Owners to bond over, especially during lockdown.

Adam explains: “These challenges are done in teams but since the Owners couldn’t group together during lockdown they conferred over the phone instead, and did the puzzles in their apartments. One round involved individuals walking around the Lodge identifying letters which then made a word. Another memorable round was ‘fruit rolling’ – where apartment Owner John proved to be a natural, winning maximum points by rolling his kiwi! The different challenges were aimed at using the different strengths of the team members and we’ve been keeping score for a prize at the end.”

After several weeks of competition, the Dutton Lodge Challenge winners Audrey Thornhill and Muriel Walker – whose team name was ‘the Prosecco Rebels’ – were proudly announced and presented with a trophy and a bottle of fizz.

Adam said: “The winners were over the moon and all the Owners have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I’m sure we’ll be doing it all again soon. For now Audrey and Muriel are the ‘Challenge Champs’ trophy holders, until another team wins the title in future.”

Developments like Dutton Lodge have proven to be very safe places to live throughout the pandemic thanks to the excellent safety measures, the hard work of Lodge Managers like Adam, and the secure, self-contained nature of this type of accommodation. This has meant the rate of Covid-19 infections among Churchill Owners has remained less than a third of that seen across the wider UK population, and safety and wellbeing continues to be a top priority.

Dutton Lodge is located near the heart of Penrith close to shops and amenities, and perfectly located for local transport links. The Lodge comprises 54 private, self-contained apartments with spacious rooms throughout, considerately designed with the over 60s in mind, and a warm, comfortable Owners’ Lounge where regular social events will start up again as soon as Covid restrictions allow.