Friendships bloom at Harington Lodge Gardening Club

At Harington Lodge in Chichester, a thriving Gardening Club has come together to brighten up the gardens and ensure they are full of life and laughter this summer.

The landscaped gardens are professionally maintained by the Lodge’s management company so there is no obligation for apartment Owners to look after it. However, apartment Owners George and Dorothy Metcalfe decided they would like to take the lead on putting their mark on the garden, and others quickly followed.

George says: “We moved here in 2019 and were delighted to find a large garden, which was unexpected so close to the city centre. We had always enjoyed gardening wherever we had lived, and were delighted to have the opportunity to tend this one. The garden here was well planted with hardy shades of green, but we wanted to add a bit of colour. With that in mind, and with the generous financial support of other Owners, we have been working towards a greater variety of plants by adding good old-fashioned classics such as peonies, lupins, delphiniums, verbenas, roses and digitalis.”

As more people moved in, more members of the growing Harington Lodge community joined in with planting and tending the flowers, and all have enjoyed seeing the garden bloom in recent months. Various tools and supplies have been obtained thanks to the Owners’ generous contributions, and a mini-shed was gifted to the Lodge by Churchill.

Dorothy says: “This is a lovely time of year as the sun rises higher in the sky and the plants come alive with the warmth and the rain. The birds and insects will enjoys the garden as it matures and evolves, which is all part of its charm. It is very evident that over this trying period, having a green oasis is so important to our mental health, whether one works in it or simply sits and enjoys it.”

Lodge Manager Ian Kay agrees on the social benefits of bringing his green-fingered Owners together over a spot of gardening. He says: “In recent times it has become so important for our Owners to be able to sit outside and socialise, so the gardens can be a real lifeline. It’s been a wonderful collective effort from everyone to create such beautiful surroundings where they can enjoy coming together for a drink and a natter.”