John and Sheila transform the communal garden for everyone at Ash Lodge to enjoy

Since John and Shirley Brown moved into Churchill Retirement Living’s Ash Lodge development in Walton on Thames, the communal gardens have been transformed into a sea of colour for their fellow Owners to enjoy.

Lodge Manager David Candy said:

In spring this year they approached me and asked if I had any objections to them pottering around the garden, as they were passionate about gardening, saying they would like to plant a few colourful beds of flowers. I welcomed their participation. It showed they had a great interest in their new home and wanted to keep busy at the same time.

“Their hard work and keen interest has drawn more and more owners out into garden, where tea and 'sundowner' drinks are consumed.

“A couple of weeks ago Owners chipped in and purchased a bird bath in memory of our oldest owner, Monique Segar. We held a memorial tea and unveiling of the bird bath with members of the family and whilst it was a time of remembrance, it was a very enjoyable time in the very colourful garden.

“All new potential owners and visitors comment on how lovely and colourful the garden is and all the credit must go to John and Shirley for their hard work and dedication.”