Peter & Helen couldn’t name a better place to enjoy their retirement

Haverhill retirees Peter and Helen Webb have a special connection to Weavers Lodge, since they won Churchill’s competition to name the development during the early stages of its construction just over a year ago. Having come up with the Lodge’s name, they’re delighted to now be a part of the happy new community that is forming there.

We were very proud that our idea of Weavers Lodge was chosen as the winner of the naming competition,” says Pete. “We thought it had a nice ring to it and simple to remember, and it reflects Haverhill’s history as a manufacturing and weaving town. We used the £100 prize money to buy a new small TV, which we’ve brought with us to our new apartment!

He adds: “People often leave it too late to move, but we feel like we’ve done it at the right time, while we’re still young and active enough to enjoy it and make the most of our new lifestyle.

Helen adds: “We’re enjoying helping out with the social events and bringing the new community of apartment Owners together. Everyone is very friendly, we’re always stopping to chat to each other and it’s a very sociable place, so we’re very pleased to be a part of it.”