Retire in Cheshire

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When you hear the word Cheshire, you probably think of its iconic Cheshire Cheese, but there is far more to this county than dairy treats. Surrounded by glorious countryside and magnificent gardens, it’s an ideal place to retire if you want to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Our retirement homes in Cheshire also have easy access to Manchester, giving you the option of balancing a lively city life with the peaceful benefits of the countryside.

Cheshire is also notable for its significant contributions to British history and culture, with ancient buildings like the Chester Cathedral to please the eye, and great shopping opportunities for shopaholics. Don’t just take it from us - read on for a more expert opinion of why a retirement in Cheshire might be for you.

‘Cheshire village named best place to live in the North West’:

Cheese & Culture

Cheshire is famous for its association to Cheshire Cheese, but it’s also known for its contributions to the arts and industry. Indulge in Cheshire’s distinct heritage with a visit to one of its working museums, or discover the birthplace of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland.

Natural Beauty

If you are looking for a new spot to enjoy nature and breathe some fresh air, Cheshire is surrounded by countryside and gardens to explore during your retirement. Ness Botanic Gardens is blooming with beautiful plantlife, and a walk through Cheshire Plain offers some sublime views of the countryside. 

Historic Buildings

For history buffs, the county town of Chester has a rich history to discover, and several ancient buildings for you to take in as you wander through the town. The Chester Cathedral is a majestic building that has been around since 1541, and you can learn more about Cheshire’s role in the salt industry at a tour of The Lion Salt Works.

Great Shopping Destination

If you are looking for a location surrounded by shopping opportunities, Cheshire is a perfect place to retire. As well as a selection of independent boutiques and vintage stores, it has the largest designer outlet of its kind in the UK, offering incredible discounts for those who love a shopping bargain.