What are the most social hobbies for retirees?

With so much free time at your fingertips, retirement should be a time where you can focus on truly living the lifestyle you deserve. But without the regular social contact you get in the workplace, it’s not uncommon for retirees to feel a bit less confident about meeting new people, and broadening their horizons.

It might feel tough to make new friends in retirement, but it’s a lot easier than you might think. Discover some of our most social hobbies for retirees, and you’ll be making long-lasting friendships in no time.

Social hobbies for retirees

  • Dancing
  • Golf
  • Gardening
  • Cooking and baking classes
  • Book clubs
  • Arts and crafts classes
  • Yoga and tai chi
  • Games night


Dust off your dancing shoes, because dancing is a great way to make new friendships, while you stay active. Whether you opt for ballroom, line dancing, or even hip-hop, you'll find local dance classes and clubs brimming with fellow retirees ready to shake a leg. Dancing isn’t just about moving your feet - it’s also about self-expression and connecting with others on the dance floor.


Golf is extremely popular with retirees, and it’s not hard to see why. With a leisurely pace that leaves plenty of time to chit-chat between holes, golf is a great social sport to do with friends. With the added benefit of light exercise and friendly competition, this is one of the best ways to meet new people in retirement.


Gardening might not seem like a social activity at first, but it's surprising how many friendships bloom among the flowers. Joining a local gardening club or volunteering at a community garden can lead to meaningful connections with other people who appreciate the wonders of nature. Whether you’re sharing tips or taking in the beauty of your creations, gardening is a great way to build long-lasting friendships.

Cooking and Baking Classes

Retirement is the perfect time to hone your culinary skills. Sign up for cooking or baking classes and discover the joy of creating delicious dishes and desserts. These classes often foster a collaborative environment where you work with fellow food enthusiasts. Plus, sharing the delicious results with friends and family makes the experience even more rewarding.

Book Clubs

You might think that diving into a good book is something you’d do alone, but reading can also be an enriching social activity. Join a book club, and you can explore new literature, discuss ideas, and meet regularly to socialize and exchange opinions. As well as keeping your brain ticking over, a book club is a great way to meet new people who share your love of literature.

Art and Craft Classes

Looking to get in touch with your creative side? Why not release your inner artist by taking up painting, pottery, or any other form of art or craft. Group art classes are a fantastic way to express yourself creatively, while meeting fellow artists who share your interests. The best part? You'll have something beautiful to show for your efforts at the end!

Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga and tai chi aren’t just great for your core and mental well-being - they also foster a sense of community! Many classes cater specifically to retirees and offer a friendly and supportive atmosphere where you can meet others while finding your inner zen.

Games night

There’s nothing like a good game night to bring people together (and maybe break up a few friendships in the process!) Games like bridge, chess or Scrabble are a great way to bond with other retirees, and put your brain to the test. Once you give into the friendly competition and lively banter, you’ll never want the night to end!

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