The benefits of buying a retirement flat

As you get older, you may be thinking about making a few changes to your lifestyle. Slowing down and not having to spend so much time on your house is likely to be high up the agenda. After all, nobody wants to spend their retirement doing work! For this reason, along with many others, older people are turning to retirement flats. There are so many benefits to this, so we've compiled a list of the key ones that you should know about. 


You can often find as you grow older that you spend an increasing amount of time alone. Whether that's because your children have grown up and moved away, or your neighbours have all moved on, the feeling can be quite daunting of knowing nobody around you and not having anyone to talk to. One of the biggest benefits of buying a retirement flat is being surrounded by lots of like-minded people. 

In our developments, you'll find a communal Owners' Lounge, which offers the perfect location for meeting other Owners and getting to know them. You can take a quiet corner and get into a good book, or come along to one of our events and get involved with the neighbours. The sense of community is one of the biggest benefits of buying a retirement flat because you're not only moving into a new home; you're moving to a place which means you won't have to feel lonely anymore.

Safety & Security

This is another huge factor, particularly if you live alone or are less mobile as you get older. All of our retirement developments come fully equipped with a number of safety and security features to ensure you feel protected. All developments have a 24 hour emergency Careline system, and we also have camera entry systems installed. Intruder alarms are fitted to every front door, while ground floor apartments have sensors fitted throughout for extra peace of mind.

At Churchill Retirement Living, we fit fire and smoke detection systems as standard in all apartments and communal areas, further increasing your safety. Any maintenance and repairs of these devices is covered by the service charge, so you don't have to worry about additional fees in the event that something does go wrong. The Lodge Manager is also on hand if you have any day to day queries or issues, so you'll have someone to report anything to.


The thought of moving to a communal building may put off some people, particularly those who like their own company. However, our retirement flats have been built with our Owners in mind and we cater to all tastes. Although you will be in a development with other retired people, you have plenty of opportunity to enjoy your own space. Each apartment is completely self contained with a fully fitted kitchen and shower room, so you can socialise as much or as little as you desire.

The developments all communal Lounges and many have gardens, roof terraces or outdoor patios, giving you the chance to enjoy the outdoors without having to venture far. The choice is completely yours as to whether you want to be involved in the events and socialise with your neighbours, or just enjoy some peace and quiet in your own apartment. 

Low maintenance living

Many people making the move to a retirement apartment are downsizing and this can be quite a big step from the family home that they've lived in for several decades. However, these bigger homes also mean more maintenance. The last thing you want to be doing in your retirement is trying to stop the garden from getting overgrown, or fixing a leaky pipe. Even something as simple as climbing the stairs every day can become a chore, and that's what makes retirement flats so appealing to older people.

You can have a low maintenance way of life, as all of our developments have a lift to all floors. Any exterior maintenance is covered as part of the service charge so you don't have the worry of any unexpected bills cropping up, as they so often do with the upkeep of a family home. A retirement flat removes the burdens associated with home ownership, but doesn't take away any of your independence.

For more information on the range of retirement apartments available from Churchill Retirement Living, please click here. You can also give us a call on 0800 458 1856 to find out the details and how we can help you make the big move to a more comfortable lifestyle.