Land Director Matthias Daly visits new apartment Owners at his first ever site in Taunton

Our West Country Land Director Matthias Daly used to be Head of Property for Lidl before joining us in early 2021. The first time he encountered Churchill was when selling us a former Lidl store in Taunton, a site which has now recently been completed and successfully launched as the beautiful Riverain Lodge.

Last week he enjoyed going back there for a visit, joining the new apartment Owners at a sunny Summer Party event overlooking the river. Here’s what he had to say:

“I must say it was fantastic to hear from all the Owners how happy they are living in our development. I’ve heard it many times before from the sales team and my other Colleagues, but seeing it first-hand from Owners with huge smiles on their faces makes me extra proud to work for Churchill. It’s wonderful to play a part in making their retirement more enjoyable!

“Throughout my career I’ve been proud to have a positive impact on people’s lives, be it through building local low price food stores or providing later living accommodation. Since joining Churchill I’ve also enjoyed the company’s speed in dealing with the land acquisition and contract process. I’m looking forward to buying many more sites to make more developments like Riverain Lodge a reality over the coming years.”

Our ideal sites are:

  • A regular shape, between 0.4 and 2.5 acres
  • Within a 0.5-mile level walk from town/neighbourhood centre shops and amenities
  • With or without planning permission
  • Preferably located in high-profile, prominent locations on main roads or busy local roads

If you’re aware of potential sites that meet our criteria, please contact us at

To join Matthias and our growing Land Teams around the country apply online or call Faye Gliddon on 07818 689709.