Our Colleague Values

Our values are Trust, Openness, Respect, Communication and Honesty. These values reflect the ethos of the company and define how we want to be treated, and how we would want to treat others. These values are embedded in the company and form a part of all training, as well as a wider company learning and development programme.


The first in our list of values, Trust is having a belief in the abilities of both Colleagues and the company itself. We need to feel confident in our Colleagues and put our trust in each other to make the best decisions for the business.


We want a culture of opennness, so that no Colleague feels overwhelmed with sudden changes. This involves removing jargon when communicating, while ensuring there is a clear agenda laid out in everything we do. All Colleagues should feel part of the Company and keep open channels of communication wherever possible.


All Colleagues should be treated with respect, regardless of their position within the company. This value is about considering the feelings and wishes of others before actioning changes. Everyone should be respected, and should respect their fellow Colleagues to ensure we can all work together in a cohesive way.


Communication is vital for the success of the business, particularly as we continue to expand. Colleagues should be able to share information within reasonable timeframes and in a concise, clear way. Open communication channels ensures everyone is kept informed and can do their job to the best of their ability. 


This value is about our Colleagues being able to be truthful at all times, without worrying about the consequences. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes and we should be free to admit to them, without judgement. Honesty involves Colleagues being able to seek guidance from their peers and improve upon any past mistakes.