Geoff follows in his mum’s footsteps by choosing Churchill

Having watched his mum enjoy the retirement living lifestyle 20 years ago at Churchill’s Jubilee Lodge in Seaton, Geoff Sharpe knew it made sense to follow her example by purchasing a new apartment at Riverain Lodge in Taunton. 

Geoff says: 

“When my mother died and I had to manage the sale of her apartment I was pleased with the price it achieved, which I think was roughly the same as she had originally paid for it. From what I recall it didn’t take long to sell with a local estate agent, once they got the asking price right. I can’t remember the exact figures, but I do know that she thoroughly enjoyed the last few years of her life there, and you can’t put a price on that.” 

“I certainly didn’t feel ripped off and that’s why I’ve chosen Churchill again for my own retirement apartment in Taunton.” 

Geoff’s mum enjoyed a happy retirement in Seaton: 

“My wife and I retired to Seaton, Devon in 1998 having lived for the previous 32 years in the Chew Valley in Somerset, some 13 miles south of Bristol.” 

“My widowed mother had lived for a similar length of time in Dorset, close to Poole. By the very early 2000s, the maintenance of her bungalow and garden became too much for her and a move seemed sensible. At this time Churchill – then known as Emlor, were building a retirement apartment complex on the Underfleet in Seaton, opposite the famous Seaton Tramway Terminus. 

“Mum and I investigated Jubilee Lodge and eventually purchased what was then the last unsold apartment. We used the Home Exchange service and she was able to move in within a few days. She soon made many friends, discovered the big Co-op store almost next door, found the sea-front and promenade and some interesting shops in the rest of town. She enjoyed her time in Jubilee Lodge until she passed away in 2007 aged 93. I used to visit her most days as we were only a 5-minute walk away and shared many of her friendships with her. I still visit a few of them – yes, they have been there for over 20 years! 

“Jubilee Lodge was then and still is an attractive, delightful building. I was always struck by the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere there which is still present. What is equally rewarding is that I find the same atmosphere, security, and calmness here at Riverain Lodge. The same thoughtfulness and quality of design and convenience doesn’t happen by accident, it must be part of Churchill Retirement Living genetics! 

What made Geoff fall in love with Riverain Lodge 

I like the design of the building and the innovative heating system, the location, and the quality of the build at Riverain Lodge is also great, the apartments are very thoughtfully equipped. I love the quietness and peacefulness of being in the building. 

“What made me choose Churchill was my prior experience of Churchill developments from over 20 years ago when my mother purchased her apartment in Jubilee Lodge in Seaton. The building was, and still is, delightful and I have friends still living there, so I knew a bit about the Churchill philosophy over quite a long time. I love the design of Riverain Lodge and how well it fits into the landscape and its location is very convenient for Taunton’s facilities. 

“My advice to anyone thinking of moving to Riverain Lodge would be to investigate everything as much as possible, both about Taunton and Churchill. Ask many questions of the Sales Team – they will have the answers but can’t give you the information if you don’t ask. If you don’t know the area already, explore Taunton as much as possible. It is a delightful town, but like all places presently, has its rough edges. This site by the river is lovely however. 

“Personally, I am very happy here. The Lodge Manager and other management staff are very pleasant and helpful. I especially like the feeling of calm and peacefulness as soon as you enter the building.”