How to find your perfect retirement property

Retirement is a moment in life where exciting adventures and new experiences unfold in front of you. But before you can start booking your sunny getaways and fishing trips, you’ll first need to decide the small matter of where to live! If you’re planning on relocating to a new area, there are plenty of factors that you’ll want to consider, from how much space you’ll need to the facilities at your new home.

Struggling to find your dream retirement apartment? Here are some key things to consider:

Decide what kind of property you want

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what kind of property you want to retire in. There's a lot to consider here, whether you want a traditional classic family home, or a modern, contemporary apartment with minimalist design. To make the best decision, think about how much space you’ll need, how many visitors you’ll have, and what home makes more economic sense.

A lot of this decision will hinge on your living situation - for example, are you moving alone or with your partner? Many people who retire prefer to downsize to a smaller apartment space, which means less time spent on house maintenance, and more freedom to pursue an active retirement lifestyle!

Check out the facilities and what’s on offer

You might think you’ve found the perfect retirement property, but what’s on offer for residents? If you are looking at retirement apartments, your development should provide plenty of onsite amenities and facilities, making your day-to-day life easier. From practical things like mobility lifts and wheelchair ramps, to utilities like Wi-Fi and luxury communal areas, do your research before you make a decision.

At Churchill Retirement, our developments are designed to minimize stress, and give you the freedom you need to enjoy a fulfilling retirement. You’ll be able to wander through communal gardens, sign up for a programme of events, and enjoy the security of a 24-hour Careline system in the case of an emergency. Click here to learn more about the facilities at our lodges.

Pick an area that suits your needs

Picking the right retirement property isn’t just about what the building is like, but also what’s on offer in your local area. For example, you’ll want to find somewhere that enables you to reach your local supermarket or town center without having to walk for miles. Depending on what you’re looking for, you also need to decide what kind of city you live in - do you want to live within the tranquil countryside, or have a home moments away from the seaside?

Consider proximity to family

If you have children or grandchildren, the distance you live from them should be a key consideration. That is, unless you’re perfectly happy being miles and miles away! If you want to enjoy quality time with your family whenever you please, think about how easy it is to plan a visit from your new location. At the same time, you’ll also want to consider how visitor-friendly your new apartment is - for example, does your new home allow guests, and are there fun places to take your grandchildren?

At Churchill Retirement, we know that moving home can be a daunting process. That’s why we offer services to help with every step of your move, ensuring your retirement goes as smoothly as possible. With retirement apartments all over the UK, find your future home today.