TV star Don Maclean brings a touch of showbiz to Bower Lodge

Don Maclean is a familiar face to many following his recent move to Churchill’s new Bower Lodge development in Shirley. The actor and comedian was a star of the BBC television series Crackerjack in the 1970s, alongside the likes of Michael Aspel, Peter Glaze and Jan Hunt. Now he’s enjoying a more relaxed pace of life in his new apartment, close to where he grew up in the suburbs of Birmingham.

Here’s what the former showbiz star has to say about life at Bower Lodge, and his reasons for moving there to enjoy his retirement to the full:

“At my age do I really need 5 bedrooms, a high maintenance garden and domestic appliances all reaching their life’s end at the same time? No I don’t! So I’ve moved into a spacious apartment, with 2 bedrooms, gardens that are maintained for me, and appliances that are all brand spanking new.

Bower Lodge is surrounded by everything you’ll ever need, including a community of like-minded people. To anyone else who is considering a move here I would say come and join us. The more the merrier!”