Jean and Roy enjoy a warm glow at Riverain Lodge

Jean and Roy Woolley recently made the biggest decision of their 61 years of marriage, selling up their large countryside bungalow to move into Taunton and buy a brand new apartment at Riverain Lodge. It’s a decision they have no regrets about, as they have found warmth and happiness in their new surroundings and made many new friends already.

“We have found a new way of life that we have adapted to with ease and understanding,” says Jean. “We have found warmth here in many respects, with a modern and remarkable heating system and also the warmth and friendliness of our neighbours.

“Everyone here has made the same decision to share the warmth of independent living, where we are part of a community but still with our own front door key so we can keep our own company. We also enjoy warmth from the friendly Lodge Manager with an ear that listens and helps whenever the need arises. And of course we enjoy the warmth of our new comfy, cosy apartment.

“We had the opportunity to watch the gradual development of the building and chose our apartment for the outstanding view of the Goodlands Gardens, displaying a new view each day with the ever changing speed of the nearby river. We love watching the grace of the abundant bird life including six nesting inland cormorants in the trees close by, showing off their fishing and diving skills in the river below and avoiding the skiffs as the rowers take their colourful exercise.

“No more worries of going away and who will look after the garden!

“No more worries of security, or that the bungalow needs painting, or clearing the moss filled gutters.

“No more worries or steps to climb! We now relax and enjoy life on the level, the peace like never before in our busy lives of the past.

“We love our new way of living with all our needs within easy reach. Each time we enter Riverain Lodge we feel we are entering a four star hotel.”