Ken and Pat find companionship at Avonbank Lodge

Apartment Owners Ken and Pat have found companionship and even a touch of romance since their move to Churchill’s Avonbank Lodge in the heart of Newbury.

Recalling how they met Ken says: “When we first moved here there was a film night in the Owners’ Lounge every Wednesday. Pat would always be there sitting near the back when I returned from my evening’s work at the Corn Exchange, so I would go and sit with her and we would get talking after the film. Come 11 o’clock everyone else would have gone off to bed and we’d still be there chatting. We didn’t pay much attention to the films!”

Pat adds: “I started coming to Ken’s singing group and we started going out together, attending the various activities that take place here at the Lodge and in town. It was nice having someone to go to things with, as we were both on our own. We still have our own separate apartments and our own space, but we spend a lot of time together.”

“We both have family nearby and they’ve been very accepting of our relationship, which has been wonderful,” says Ken. “My daughter works just around the corner and we meet up for lunch every day. Our children and grandchildren are pleased to know we’ve found companionship and that we’re both here to keep each other company and look out for one another.”

This was especially the case during lockdown when Ken and Pat immediately formed a support bubble together. Ken recalls: “It was a difficult time but we were there for each other throughout, with the support of our wonderful Lodge Manager Amanda, and that made a real difference.”