Wellbeing Suite at Spitfire Lodge helps support local businesses and keeps the apartment Owners happy!

As well as a sociable, independent lifestyle and no more worries about maintenance, one of the key benefits for apartment Owners at Churchill’s new Spitfire Lodge development in Portswood is the development’s special Wellbeing Suite. This well-equipped and totally free facility means they can enjoy health and beauty treatments at any time without even having to step outdoors, which is particularly welcome at this time of year as the weather turns colder.

It’s also one of the many ways in which the development supports local businesses, and hairdresser Linda Hayes is one of those to benefit.

Linda explains: “The Lodge Manager Karen and Sales team Nikki and Genna showed me around the Wellbeing Suite two years ago. Since then I’ve built a very good rapport with the apartment Owners and enjoy coming to see them every week. They enjoy having their hair done, no matter what the weather, and I love chatting to them during their time with me. It’s a real pleasure and great to have such good facilities within the Lodge - I would like to say a massive thank you to Spitfire Lodge for taking me on board!”

Apartment Owner Hazel Allcock was one of the first to enjoy Linda’s services and now books in to see her on every visit. She says: “I really enjoy my weekly appointment in the Wellbeing Suite ‘salon’ very much. Linda is always cheerful, caring and understanding. She knows exactly how I like my hair cut and she pampers me a bit. I kept in touch with Linda during lockdown as we missed her very much, so now that she’s back I’m very pleased.”

Another of Linda’s regular Customers is Rosemary Kirk, who says: “Because Linda only sees one person at a time it means a good rapport can be built up and she relates extremely well to each of us as individuals with our own interests and concerns. My husband is very happy not to have to go outside to have his hair cut and really appreciates the service we receive in the comfort of our dedicated Wellbeing Suite.”

Pam Yendall also feels lucky to have this service on her doorstep, saying: “Not only is Linda a very nice person she is an excellent hairdresser. I really can’t believe my luck and would be lost without her.”

For Peggy Abbott, Linda’s visit is one of the highlights of her week. She says: “Linda looks after both the ladies and the gents and is a real professional to the place. She has a way of making each client feel special and has the skill to understand what is important to each person about the style they feel comfortable with. She has a lovely sunny way with her and really cheers people up on the greyest of days, making us look our best and also feel at our best.”

Ken Ford takes a light-hearted approach to his weekly trim, adding: “It’s amazing how Linda can make the sparsely covered, untidy and wispy head of hair on this 77 year old look presentable. That takes skill and humour, both of which Linda has in abundance."