Retirement Finance: Advice and Support

Financial support

Think you can't afford it? We can help.

If you are concerned that the sale of your existing property might leave you with a shortfall, we have a number of ways we can help. Our expert Independent Financial Advisors have a wealth of experience with older purchasers and plenty of ideas that could be interesting.

1. Various mortgage options available
2. Specialist financial advice for the over 55's

We understand that it's a big decision and we are always committed to taking away any pressures and stresses. Please speak to the Sales Executive for more information on the different options we have available to ensure your move is affordable, or for any general retirement financial advice you may need.

Legal fees? Leave it to us.

House purchase and conveyancing is a relatively simple, specialist task. You don't need to pay expensive legal fees - if you choose to use one of our experienced Panel Solicitors we'll pay up to £500 of the bill.

1. Trustworthy, reliable and professional advice
2. Solicitors experienced in the retirement sector
3. A local firm which can act quickly and efficiently

Don't worry about delays and complications - our experts can take it all in their stride and, with us picking up most - or even all - of the cost, you can enjoy complete peace of mind without worrying about your retirement finances.

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