After 30 years running a busy B&B and looking after others, it’s time for Ray and Jenny to relax at Albert Lodge

Having previously spent 30 years as the owners of a Bed & Breakfast establishment, Ray and his wife Jenny recently downsized from Cowley in Oxford to a one-bedroom Churchill apartment in the historic town of Abingdon. Now enjoying their retirement with fewer maintenance worries, they can relax and enjoy a slower pace of life, spending time on other leisurely activities together.

The Bed and Breakfast they ran required significant maintenance throughout the day, however since moving to the apartment in November 2022, Ray has experienced a notable transformation in their lifestyle. In their new apartment, they are able to complete any cleaning or maintenance tasks in no time.

The couple have led a very successful life together, filled with fond memories. When they were around 28 years old and already parents of two children, they decided to welcome a student into their home to ease financial burdens – which they then expanded the arrangement to include two students. Inspired by their experiences, Ray and Jenny made the decision to relocate from a small village to Oxford, where they ran a Bed and Breakfast for 30 years.

After several years, the couple made the decision to transform it into a hostel for homeless people, which was hugely fulfilling for Ray and Jenny as they were able to make a meaningful contribution to their community.

Reflecting on their journey, Ray fondly recalls a particular memorable moment.

Ray said: “One morning, I woke up and decided we should make pancakes for everyone in the hostel. My wife Jenny then cooked over 70 pancakes, using four frying pans, feeding around 27 people that morning. To no surprise, it was pancake overload and now Jenny refuses to ever cook them again – I don’t blame her!”

Apart from their B&B, Ray and his wife also owned a holiday home in Spain. However, due to a shift in their preferences and a desire to avoid overseas travel, they made the decision to sell the property. Despite this change, the need for an active lifestyle remained, prompting them to purchase a mobile home on a holiday site, alongside their apartment at Albert Lodge. The 24-hour security system allows them to lock up their Churchill apartment without any worries and enjoy some local travel throughout the year.

Ray has discovered a delightful spot by the window in the communal lounge, where he indulges in his passion for solving Sudoku puzzles.

Reflecting on his experience, Ray said: “We chose a Churchill Retirement apartment to help us live a more manageable lifestyle, and downsizing was the best decision we made. I would definitely make the move again. I recommend potential Owners to consider staying in the Experience Apartment beforehand and become familiar with the environment and immerse themselves in the Churchill way of life. I’m sure they will love it as much as I do!”

Set in the heart of the historic market town of Abingdon-on-Thames, Albert Lodge is a development of 39 one and two bedroom retirement apartments with great access to the wonderful range of shops, eateries and historical points of interest that the town has to offer. Located on the banks of the River Thames and just six miles south of Oxford, this location also offers green open spaces and beautiful riverside walks to explore, perfect for those seeking an active lifestyle.