Norman finds a news lease of life at Goodwin Lodge

Norman finds a news lease of life at Goodwin Lodge

After moving to Churchill’s new Goodwin Lodge development in Deal, 94-year-old Norman French feels he has found a ‘home from home’ and a new lease of life, and he couldn’t be happier with his new apartment.

“Since moving here I have had the best night’s sleep for a long, long time,” he says. “It’s warm, comfortable, and I’m as safe as houses. Security worried me in my old house, but not any more.”

Norman originally read about Churchill in his local estate agent and liked the sound of it, but his wife was less keen on the idea of a move at the time. Very sadly she has since passed away, and as a result Norman returned to the idea of a move to Goodwin Lodge, since looking after their old house became too much for him to manage on his own.

“I reserved my apartment and then I was invited to a Halloween party,” he says. “We had a nice meal in the Owners’ Lounge and I met the other apartment Owners who live here, and some who will be moving in before Christmas. I discovered one of the other apartment Owners is a friend I used to work with, which was a nice surprise. It’s lovely to meet new people and everyone is so friendly, I love it!”

Norman has also found he is saving money on his bills, adding: “I’m very glad everything runs on electricity in my new apartment, it’s so easy to use. My bills are a lot cheaper than in my old home, and I feel it’s safer too.”

On the health benefits of his new lifestyle he adds: “Since I’ve been at Goodwin Lodge it’s like a miracle, I can walk further. I’m also going to buy a little scooter to visit the seafront and pubs. All my family and the staff at Churchill have helped me so much, I can’t fault anything.”