Older people stay young at heart – but would love to be 30 again!

Hobbies, spending time with grandchildren and connecting with friends on social media have all topped a poll of how people stay young and retain their independence in later life.

The survey of 2,000 over 65s, by Churchill Retirement Living, revealed the true value of independence, with 93 per cent worried about being a burden to others and 42 per cent saying they couldn’t rely on their grown-up children to take care of them.

A significant 98% believed a sharp mind was important to staying youthful and that a varied diet, taking exercise at least twice a week, vitamins supplements and completing crosswords were all important factors. Dyeing their hair, regular nights-out, getting tattoos and making Tik Toks also appeared on the over 65s list.

However, it appears staying young is also a state of mind. Three quarters of those surveyed said they felt younger than their years, with 70% saying they felt a decade younger or more. Half of respondents said they felt they did a good job of changing people’s perceptions of what ‘old people’ are like and 69% considered themselves more youthful than others younger than them.

When asked what age they would like to be again, 30 was the most popular choice.

Churchill Retirement Living offers specialist apartments for the over 65s, combining a supportive and active community with the independence and security of a privately-owned home.

Spencer McCarthy, Chairman and CEO, comments: “Our recent research unveiled the true value of independence in later life, and that is exactly what we hear from our owners and their families.  We see, at first hand, the positive impact of independent living and the importance of keeping active, staying sociable and having a positive mindset. It really does seem that you’re only as old as you feel!”

In their mid-sixties, Eileen Durkin and her husband Derek are known as the ‘babies’ of their Churchill community at Dovehouse Lodge in Hitchin, but Eileen feels that they made the move at just the right time.


Eileen says: “Moving to our beautiful Churchill apartment has given us a new lease of life. Freedom to do what we want, when we want and not having to worry about looking after a big house and its maintenance. I’ve taken up such a range of hobbies since moving here. I was never a big walker, but now I go out to enjoy the surrounding area with my husband all the time. My friends here go to lots of classes, like dancing, and I do too.”


Another active Churchill Owner is keen golfer Pearl Hansford, who is showing no sign of hanging up her clubs any time soon. Her move to a new apartment at Churchill’s Hubert Lodge development in Hythe means she has plenty of time to spend enjoying her favourite hobby. In fact, at the age of 91, she’s still winning trophies, recently becoming the first winner of a Ladies’ Championship held on the 9-hole course at her local Bramshott Hill Golf Club, where Pearl has been a member since its inception some 45 years ago


Lodge Manager Antriana King says: “Pearl is full of life and fun, she’s a wonderful member of the community here at Hubert Lodge and we’re all very proud of her. Still a golf champion at the age of 91, it’s an impressive achievement!”


The Over 65s Top 10 Tips for Staying Young and Independent

  1. Gardening
  2. Dressing how I please
  3. Eating a varied diet
  4. Keeping in touch with old friends
  5. Doing crosswords
  6. Connecting on Facebook
  7. Watching TV shows
  8. Spending time with grandchildren
  9. Taking vitamins
  10. Exercising twice a week